Jewel Master Scheme(JMS) App

Asterix Technology has 150+ customer using their ERP software solution. Monthly saving scheme is an value add solution every jeweller offers to their customer. Customer joins this monthly saving scheme at the Retail Jewellery store or using the respective jewellery store APP.

Asterix technology has designed and developed an scheme application, which can be used in 2 ways.

1. Each retail store designates Agent to visit their respective customer and collect the monthly payments either by cash,card, cheque or neft using payment gateway. Here agents can enrol new customer for the Monthly saving scheme also, and then collect their payment. A SMS & Email will be sent to customer mobile and a thermal reciept voucher is printed to be given to customer.

2. Any customer can download their respective store app and register themselevs, and pay their respective scheme membership number. They will get an sms confirmation on finalizing their payment. Here customer donot have option to make payment in cash.